devotion : di-ˈvō-shən : noun : a feeling of strong love or loyalty : the quality of being devoted

The farm was named after a horse very near and dear to Abby Jeter. Devo (1992 – 2016) was an OTTB purchased in 1996 by Abby’s father for her and her sister Sarah to share. Trained by the late-great Randy LeBleu, Devo learned the sport of show jumping and won many ribbons during his show career. Retired after an injury made it difficult to keep him sound, he continued to be a companion for years to come. In 2013, Abby finally fulfilled her life-long dream when she purchased a small farm in Fulshear, TX. Devo now had his final retirement spot. Tragically, Devo lost his life April 19th, 2016 but his memory continues on.

Devotion Farm was founded in 2016 in honor of Devo. We are devoted to the well being of all our animals and strive to give our residents the highest quality of care. Horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, fish and occasionally wildlife, all call Devotion Farm home.

Situated on approximately five acres, Devotion Farm offers a Barnmaster steel barn with 12×12 stalls, four acres of grassy crossed-fenced pastures, a fishing pond and swimming pool.

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